Inward vessels

  1. Compulsory announcement :12 hours before ETA or when leaving the last port of call if this one is nearby Dunkirk: an email must be transmitted to, or by phone +33 321 356 993 or by fax +33 328 590 188.
  2. 2 hours before ETA: Contact by VHF on channel 72 “Dunkirk Pilot” or by phone +33 963 278 681 / +33 321 356 993.
  3. Confirmation1 hour before ETA by VHF on channel 72.


Content of message :

  1. Name of vessel
  2. Call sign
  3. ETA
  4. Pilot boarding ground required : See chart.

      5.  LOA, Max breadth, Maximum draft.

      6.  Full sea speed.

7.  Ship’s equipment (Thrusters if any).

      8.  Needs of tug boat.

      9.  Any deficiencies or comments to report.

Draft :

The maximum permissible draft is determined by Dunkirk port authorities and is communicated by your local agent / charterer / Owner. However, for a vessel on ballast, a minimum draft is recommended for the safety of pilotage operation.

Minimum recommended draft is as follow :

  • For a vessel with a LOA less than 205 meters, Recommended draft is 7 meters.
  • For a vessel with a LOA between 205 and 240 meters, Recommended draft is 7/8 meters.
  • For a vessel with a LOA between 240 et 260 meters, Recommended draft is 8/ 9 meters.
  • For a vessel with a LOA between 260 et 290 meters, Recommended draft is 9/10 meters.
  • For a vessel with a LOA higher than 290 meters, Recommended draft is  10/12 meters.

it is therefore recommended to set your trim as close as possible to even keel.

Tug boat :

Needs of tug boat is defined by the ship Master with pilot advise, Captains are reminded to determine the number of tugs as soon as possible with your local agent and when passing the compulsory message. In case of severe weather, the number of tugs can be adjusted with the pilot on duty on VHF Channel 72.

Navigational equipment :

Dunkirk port environment includes passages through locks, narrow places, strong currents and visibility can be greatly reduced by frequent fog, it is therefore compulsory to report any deficiencies or damages to the navigational equipment.

Outward vessels :

  • Order the pilot can be done through your local agent or directly by the Captain by phone 24 hours at +33 328 661 070.
  • This order must be imperative 01h30 before sailing time, for the vessels calling at the tanker berth “Appontement pétrolier des Flandres”, this order must be imperative 02h00 before.