Serving the Dunkirk pilots since 1990.

The first machine was in service in Dunkirk on June the 1st 1990 to serve the vessels faster on a wider geographical area, the pilotage used a fleet of pilot boats and a “Squirrel” Eurocopter AS 355 F2 replacing the famous “corvettes”, this helicopter powered by two engines Allison of 430 horsepower provides a cruising speed of 120 knots. Pilots are placed on board any time on all types of vessels, operations on large vessels such as VLCC tankers and Bulk carriers “Capesize” are more safety. The helicopter also opens to the Ship Masters to get their pilots at buoy “MPC” or buoy “North Ruytingen” to join or leave the port of Dunkirk by “Route des bancs de Flandres”. This machine will give satisfaction and cease its operation after more than 2,600 flight hours and nearly 14,000 operations day and night.

It was replaced on October the 6th 2000 by another “Squirrel” AS 355 N, but equipped with two Turbomeca engines of 536 Hp, power available is higher and assistive devices to Navigation of a better reliability, pilot are now winched on containers carrier of more than 350 meters with maximum flexibility. Having performed more than 3700 flight hours and nearly 20,000 winching operations and landing, it takes his last flight for the Dunkirk pilots on September the 14th 2011.




The EC 135 T2+ :

Our latest helicopter is very recent, it has been received on July the 29th 2011, we remained faithful to Eurocopter with the purchase of a EC-135 T2 + which has two Turbomeca engines of 710 horsepower, handling the device is facilitated by the last electronic generation of autopilot and a digital mapping available on the steering screens. Faster, this device allows a maximum speed of 140 knots. Dunkirk pilots are now prepared to receive LNG vessels type Qmax and Qflex in Dunkirk LNG terminal expected in 2015, safety is also improved with a single-engine flight provided in all configurations within twenty minutes after refueling.


Characteristics :

  1. Type : EC 135 T2+
  2. Builder : Eurocopter
  3. Year built : 2011
  4. Turbines : Turboméca Arrius 2B2
  5. Maximum weight : 2910 Kg
  6. Max Lenght : 12,19 m
  7. Pads breadth : 2 m
  8. Rotor diameter : 10,19 m
  9. Engine power : 2 x 704 Hp (maxi)
  10. Max speed : 140 kts / 259 Km/hr
  11. Max autonomy  : > 3 hr 20 min / > 332 nm / 615 km
  12. Radio equipment : 2 VHF aero, 1 VHF marine
  13. Navigation equipment : VOR, ADF, ILS, GPS, Weather radar + surface
  14. Winch GOODRICH : max winching mass :230 Kg, Variable speed : 1,2 m/s max
  15. Emergency buoyancy
  16. Certification : Single/Dual pilot IFR